1. Sixth Avenue Express is one of my favourite disco house producers right now. He regularly turns out some of the most beautifully put together tracks you could ever combine with either a mirror ball in a dark club or at a party on a summer’s day. After all, disco house at its best works extremely well in either situation. This one, with occasional collaborator Syndicate, is one of their more fast-paced efforts. The unexpected, almost acid house, rhythm combines well with the dramatic and slightly nostalgic 70s strings to create one of my favourite disco records of the year.


  2. Bristol or London-based New York Transit Authority (soundcloud and twitter say different things) have dropped a short teaser of this utterly dance-able big track. It’s the kind of song you want to hear just as a big, slightly edgy warehouse party begins its ascent to the peak of the night. If this is how it went down in the 95, I wish I was there to rave to it. Thankfully, this dark groove, which has a slight menace to it, is here to let us know just what it was like. Full length track is available on 30th September. Can’t wait. 


  3. Wardell. Half brother and half sister from Hollywood, who share an ever so slightly famous father. Get past their surname (Spielberg) and you’ll find sun-drenched care free West Coast songs about growing up by two musicians who really stand out. It’s like a more melodic Best Coast and I get the feeling they’re great live. EP out in June. Album out by the end of the year. Probably.


  4. Polish DJ YYJMYY has done this re-edit of the new Daft Punk track. I think he might have created the perfect disco record.